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South Surrey Badminton Society Is Founded!

23-05-07, 7:00 a.m.

South Surrey Badminton Society is officially set up as a non-profit organization as of May 2023.

The City of Surrey is the largest city by land area and the second most populated in Metro Vancouver, with culturally diverse communities. Sports are essential to people's active lifestyle here, and badminton plays a significant role in sports activities. Badminton is played by everyone, everywhere, from school gyms to recreation centers.

However, unlike many other cities in Metro Vancouver, Surrey never had the privilege of having badminton clubs to play in, not to mention hosting various tournaments for badminton players.  All the players in Surrey have to take more time to commute to other cities for training and tournaments every time. As the second largest population base in Metro Vancouver, such a lack of resources and opportunities in Surrey is really frustrating for thousands of badminton lovers in our communities. 

To mitigate this situation, a group of young enthusiasts from the secondary schools in South Surrey have always hoped for badminton tournaments held locally to serve the community locally and even beyond. They decided to set up this non-profit organization so badminton tournaments could be held in Surrey regularly in the long term, which would also attract more players from other cities to come and benefit Surrey on badminton promotion and development. In addition, as a consistent commitment to the communities, all the net proceeds from the badminton tournaments will be donated to the local hospital or other public benefit programs. 

As a result of the above story, the establishment of the South Surrey Badminton Society finally happened in May 2023, soon followed by its first badminton tournament scheduled to take place in June. 

Change is on its way!

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