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2024 Peace Arch Cup Successfully Ended on June 30!

24-06-30, 9:00 p.m.

The first Peace Arch Cup team tournament has ended. Hosting the largest team badminton tournament in South Surrey to 170 players.

Congratulations to all 19 teams for their amazing achievements throughout the weekend! With all your support and contributions, we raised $18,000.00 for the Peace Arch Hospital.

The Final Placements are as follows:


  1. Surrey Seadogs

  2. ABC

  3. The One

  4. Team Eagles

  5. Alpha Shuttlers

  6. Team Tuna

  7. Net Ninjas


  1. Wind Warriors

  2. 老鹰队

  3. Miracle A

  4. White Rock Badminton Club

  5. Miracle B

  6. Fleetwood Badminton Club

  7. Book Badminton

  8. South Surrey Badminton Club

Jr Rec

  1. Cotton Candy Girls

  2. ThunderGrizzlies

  3. Spartans

  4. 劳大队

Thank you to all the players, captains, volunteers, friends and parents for your support and making the weekend so lively and fun! We hope everyone had some memorable matches and had a great time! Thank you to everyone for arriving promptly so we were able to run on time throughout the entire weekend. The final net proceeds of this tournament amount to $18,000.00 and have all been donated to the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation. Your participation has led to a greater good in our community.  South Surrey Badminton Society extends our utmost gratitude to all participants and supporters for such a fantastic badminton event.

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